Local Pest Control

Auburn Hills, MI

Are there bees hanging around your home? Have you noticed any holes in the wood, such as the window trim or a deck? If so, you may have carpenter bees, which can cause considerable damage if left alone. You need to tackle the problem before it gets worse. That's where we come in. At Green Hornet Pest Control, we have the tools to take care of any bee infestation. Perhaps you have a honey bee nest in your home that you would like to have safely removed. No matter what type of bee control, we can take care of it. Give us a call if you are in the Auburn Hills, MI area so we can help you get rid of the bees.

Green Hornet Pest Control has more than 13 years' experienced dealing with carpenter bees, honey bees and wasps, and we have an extensive understanding of the methods that work best for each individual species. We will come to your home and determine the location of the nest. If it is in the home or too close for comfort, we will move it to an alternative location. Our bee control experts will then get to work removing any bees left in the home. We will identify any holes or openings that could attract insects and make sure they are fully sealed. You can be sure you are getting high-quality service from the pest control workers of Green Hornet Pest Control. We won't stop until we are confident that every bee has been removed.

Bees, like any insect, can infest a home and cause damage. You want the highest-quality professionals to take care of this problem for you. Call Green Hornet Pest Control at our office near Auburn Hills, MI so that we can help you feel comfortable in your home again. Let's remove those bees today!